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As you might know, while Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns using Google Adwords is great for getting new clients very quickly, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will give you a much better return on investment for the medium to long term.

Here at OzLocal we understand that having a website doesn’t bring much success to a company unless it can be found via a wide range of search engines. Websites are an increasingly important tool when it comes to a successful business. As such, here at OzLocal, we not only perform search engine optimisation on currently existing websites but we build all of our new websites to search engine optimisation standards and submit them to Google. This includes both on-site and on-page optimisation (more information below). Most websites are not created including this optimisation work but as we said there is no point in having a website without it being seen on Google.

The search engine optimisation which we perform here at OzLocal includes both on-site and on-page SEO work.

On-Site SEO

Our on-site SEO will contain the following work:

Indexed Pages – All websites are submitted to Google to ensure that all pages are indexed and Google can crawl through everything to rank you as suitably as possible.

URL Structure & File Naming – A pages URL is the first thing that Googlebot (Spider) will search when deciding which pages to rank for certain key phrases. When a search is performed in Google E.g. Car Insurance, the Googlebot will review your webpage (first the URL and then the rest of the website content) and rank you according to how relevant your website is to the search. Therefore having user friendly URL’s is extremely important.

Redirection – 301 redirects are our main form of page redirection. When we create new URL’s for websites we understand it is important to redirect the old URL to this new URL. This way if any does happen to search or click on a link of the old URL they will be automatically redirected to the new URL and site.

Code Structure – having a good code structure will allow for more easy portability to other platforms. Google can better scan your site and be sure to gain all relevant information needed.

Sitemaps – Sitemaps list all the URL’s that are on your website which allows Google to index and search these URL’s and rank them according to relevance. This again is why URL structure is so important.

Internal Links & Breadcrumbs – Having internal links can help a user navigate their way around your site easily and creates great flow of your text and concepts. By having these links, the Google spiders are able to crawl your site more completely which helps boost page ranking.

External Links – Linking to other sites and having other websites link back to you is important to help your site rank well on Google. If Google can see that your company is a similar industry to that of another website then they will understand more thoroughly what your company offers.

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On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO will contain the following work:

Keyword Targeting – Certain words are searched more than others through search engines. At OzLocal we will research the key phrases that are being searched most often and target these keywords within the URL’s, copy and meta data.

Copy – At OzLocal we can provide quality copy for all websites. We are happy to research your industry and well as get company information from you and write copy which is based around the keywords to help with SEO.

Page Title/Headers– Each webpage has a header, this can be seen in the top bar when a site is opened. Google spiders will crawl this to see the relevance of the page to certain searches. We will write up a document with headers, URL’s, alt-tags and meta data which will be uploaded to the website.

Alt-tags – images cannot be scanned by Google’s spiders and therefore it is important to alt-tag all images so that this can be indexed by Google.

Meta Data – keywords and description meta data is found on most websites however often people do not edit this to suit each individual page. At OzLocal we review all pages and write meta data specific to each individual page.

  • "Search Engine Optimisation" We didn´t seem to be getting much work from our website until we contacted Ozlocal. They helped us understand the importance of SEO and ensured that we were front page for our main services of commercial and industrial cleaning. Thanks for all the work Ozlocal.

    Ron - HW Cleaning
  • "SEO Success" We do a lot of sign maintenance work around Sydney now and it´s all thanks to Ozlocal´s SEO work. They developed an SEO campaign for us and helped us get ranking at number 1 for sign maintenance, vastly helping our sales.

    Brian - Jordan Signs

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