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We, at OzLocal, understand the benefits and limitations of mobile website design. Smart-phones and other mobile devices have changed consumer behaviour and many people have started using their mobile devices as their main tool for web and emails. As such it is vital that your website is “mobile ready”. Websites behave differently on a mobile device than they do on a computer. The mobile website needs to be designed keeping the small screen space in mind. If your website is not “mobile ready” then there are a few problems that can arise; Compatibility (Flash does not work on mobile devices), Navigation (needs to be in a mobile friendly format), Content (small amounts of information is vital), Speed (users are connected through slow networks and are on-the-go), Landing Page (this is the users first impression)

At OzLocal we incorporate the following features into our Mobile Ready Websites to ensure these problems are not problems:

•Quick loading of web pages (no use of Flash and images that can make the website heavy).

•Use of font which is readable from a small screen (around 3.5 inches) of the smart-phone to ensure optimum user experience.

•Strong call-to-action so that users can establish immediate contact with the company.

•SEO integration in order to optimise the website and ensure higher ranking on the mobile search engines.

•Compelling content that may be concise but strong enough to convince the visitors to send sales enquiry or buy a product.

•Incorporation of web tools such as Google Analytics to allow you to track bounce rate and conversion rate.

•Development of mobile apps for your business to facilitate mobile web usage of your target audience.

  • "Mobile Site & App Development" When we found that over 65% of our users were visiting our site on a mobile device, we knew we have to make an alternative which would automatically display our site in an optimised format. Ozlocal has exceeded our expectations (yet again) and the mobile site is getting great feedback. Thanks.

    George " Tiffs"

At OzLocal, we have a solution for you and your business